Consumer Electronics: Tablet PCs, cell phones, mobile gear, video, dvd player, television, audio, stereo, hi-fi, mp3 players...  

  TVs, VCRs, camcorders, tablet PCs, cellular, mobile gear, DVD players, home theaters, stereo systems & components, mp3 players, boom boxes, digital cameras...

  Direct From the Manufacturer

The Official Sony Store sells Sony electronics from Sony TVs, home theater and video products to portable audio & home audio products (and accessories) direct from the manufacturer. Their inventory includes Sony digital imaging products, like Sony digital cameras (many with Carl Zeiss lenses) and Sony HD digital video camcorders, plus Walkman mp3 and mp4 video players, digital photo printers and accessories.

Sony's online store also sells Sony VAIO notebook and desktop computers, monitors, CD/DVD burners, accessories, and Sony Clie handheld computers.

Creative Labs offers the ZEN line of mp3 digital audio players and personal video players, the industry-standard Sound Blaster audio cards, the Creative Inspire speaker series, and more, direct from the manufacturer.

Logitech sells a wide variety of their own brand of computer peripherals and audio gear, including PC mice, keyboards, webcams, home and pc speakers, earphones and headsets, network music players, ipod/mp3 players, gaming accessories, universal remote controls, and video security systems.

Scitech Videos, YouTube Videos & Live Streaming Video     ▼ LOAD LIVE TV
NASA  |  ISS  |  Earth Russia  Japan   Air   Radar's YouTube channel features documentary, educational & training
films which have been improved with both audio and video noise reduction.

  Department Stores Electronics carries all kinds of home and personal electronics, from too many brand names to count, all at very low prices. You can use the Amazon search form for electronics search, or to search any of their other fine stores.

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  Consumer Electronics Superstores

Cambridge Soundworks (, owned by Creative Labs, sells electronics from high-quality home theater systems to cutting-edge multimedia products.

  Gadget Shops

California-based ThinkGeek carries discount-priced blank DVD & CD media, mp3 players, DVD recorders, digital cameras, karaoke gear, speakers, headphones, DVD & CD accessories, inkjet printer cartridges, and computer peripherals. UPS is their primary shipper, but they also ship via USPS, so they probably will ship to PO Boxes.

  Satellite Radio

SIRIUS Satellite Radio is more than 130 channels of 100% commercial-free music, world-class sports, news, talk, and information. SIRIUS delivers content and quality that AM/FM radio can't, with built-in features like seeing the artist and song that is playing on the display.

  Blank DVD-R/RW & CD-R/RW Media

At Super Media Store you can save up to 70% on blank DVD-Rs, DVD-RWs, DVD+Rs, DVD+RWs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, flash memory, and printer ink cartridges. As of December, 2004, Super Media Store is selling blank 8x DVDs for as low as 33 each in quantity, and the prices keep dropping. Blank DVD brand names include Ritek, Optodisc, Samsung, Memorex, Verbatim, Radius and ProDisc. They have a 30 day return guarantee for most media, 15 days for most hardware (see website for details). They ship via UPS to the US, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska. The do not ship internationally.

Meritline has low prices on blank optical media, including blank DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, as well as blank CD-R and CD-RW discs. They sell cases, sleeves, & labels for your discs, and DVD & CD "burners," as well DVD & CD recording software. They also sell blank Zip & Jaz discs, VHS tapes, and other media, flash memory (USB, MMC, SD, Compact Flash, memory stick, etc.), and other peripherals and accessories.

  Flash Memory, SD Cards, Compact Flash, Memory Sticks, RAM...

Crucial Memory sells standard DDR (double data rate) RAM memory for most PCs, and top-quality SD, CompactFlash, MMC, and other flash memory for your MP3 player, digital camera handheld PC, or other device. UK shoppers link to Crucial Memory (UK).

  Electronic Parts & Accessories, Networking, Wi-Fi, Wireless...

Parts Express sells thousands of electronic parts, plus parts-related items and electronics accessories. For almost 15 years Parts Express has supplied audio engineers, repair shops, commercial sound installers, home theater installers, speaker builders, car audio installers, DJ's, schools, hospitals, and hobbyist with the parts and accessories to make their installations profitable and professional. Their inventory includes home and car stereo and speaker building parts, telephone parts, cables, connectors, test equipment, tools, batteries, chemical products, and much more.

  Battery Shops

Batteries Plus opened their first store in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 1988. They now have over 255 brick and mortar stores from coast to coast. Batteries Plus offers a large selection of batteries for laptop computers, camcorders, cell phones, and almost anything else, including rechargeable cells and standard alkaline batteries.

eBatts carries a huge selection of batteries and power supplies for laptop computers, camcorders, cell phones, and other mobile accessories. As of this writing, eBatts provides free ground shipping for all web orders weighing less than 200 lbs anywhere in the continental US.

Interstate Batteries offers their own brand of low-cost standard batteries & custom electronics batteries with free shipping on all battery orders with a minimum order of $35 (use the "coupon code" linkshare01).

Shops that specialize in Telecom gear & services (including cell phone shops, long distance services, wireless services, etc.) are now on a separate page: Phone & Wireless

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Classic Phonograph Articles:
An Evening With Edison 1878
Phono to Production 1888-94
Victor Talking Machine 1890-1929
Loud & Tube Victrolas 1898-1925

Classic Radio Articles:
Marconi's Wireless 1898-1899
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TIME Magazine,
    July 12, 1963:

JAPAN: Small Wonder
    The American market looks so promising to Tokyo's Sony Corp., which makes small but thinks big, that it has sent its co-founder to Manhattan to stay for two years. The U.S. already absorbs half of the company's exports, and last year brought in 20% of its sales of $63 million, but Co-Founder Akio Morita, 42, intends to raise Sony's volume. Sony, the world's best-known maker of transistor radios, ships 700,000 tiny sets a year to more than 70 countries, and has helped to turn a generation of teenagers into strolling jukeboxes.

    Addicted to quality, Sony has done as much as any company to demolish the cheap and imitative image of Japanese goods, and is being widely imitated itself. An Italian manufacturer for a while sold a Sony-looking transistor radio called "Somy." Back home, electrical companies from Mitsubishi to Matsushita this year rushed out portable TV sets to compete with Sony's battery-powered, transistorized models, which come with 5-in. or 8-in. screens and weigh only 8 lbs...

    ...Though heightened competition challenges Sony's current U.S. sales rate of 15,000 midget TV sets per month, President Masaru Ibuka, 55, an engineer, plans to double production by late autumn and points out that he has overcome hurdles before. After spending the war trying to concoct a heat-ray gun for the Japanese armed forces, Ibuka, along with Morita, assembled $530 and eight displaced technicians in a bomb-gutted department store. They started making radio gear.

    ...After U.S. scientists at Bell Telephone Laboratories developed the transistor, Sony became the first non-U.S. company to make transistor radios. Older and bigger Japanese companies soon began competing with the upstart, but Sony held its own by successfully invading the U.S. market despite a 12.5% tariff. It now turns out 50 models of radios and a broad line of highly original tape recorders, microphones, semiconductors.

    Instant Action. Helped by new products, Ibuka expects Sony's sales to rise 25% this year. Sony is working on a miniature color TV set and a lightweight, transistorized videotape recorder that turns out instant movies. This week Sony will deliver its first recorders to U.S. customers. The cost is still high ($10,900), but Sony expects to sell a thousand by next June-- mostly in the U.S.-- to schools, research labs, and even race tracks.

  Free Radio Books (.pdfs)

Radio for Beginners Fowler 1922
Radiotelephony for Everyone 1922
Radio for Everybody Lescarboura 1922
Radio Receiving Snodgrass 1922
Radio Telephony 1922
Radio Principles US NBoS 1922
Radio Principles Morecroft 1921
Wireless Telegraphy Leggett 1921
Electric Waves Pierce 1920
Electric Wave Teleg. Fleming 1919
Radiotelegraphy Stone 1919
Radio Telephony Goldsmith 1918
Radio Communications Mills 1917
The Book of Wireless Collins 1915
Harper's Wireless Book Verrill 1913
Wireless Explained Morgan 1913
Principles of Radio Jansky 1913
Treatise on Wireless Hoppough 1912
Wireless Ashley 1912
Tom Swift & Wireless... Appleton 1911
Wireless & Waves Bottone 1910
Principles of Wireless Pierce 1910
Wireless Telephones 1910
Wireless Telegraphy Twining 1909
Wireless Telephony Ruhmer 1908
Wireless Explained Massie 1908
Elementary Wireless Kennelly 1906
Wireless Telegraphy Eichorn 1906
Wireless Telegraphy Mazzotto 1906
Wireless Telegraphy Collins 1905
ABC of Wireless Trevert 1904
Maver's Wireless Telegraphy 1904
Wireless Telegraphy Sewell 1903
Wireless Telegraphy Tunzelmann 1902

Wireless Direction Finding Keen 1922
Wireless Time Signals 1915

  Free Radio Tube Books

3 Electrode Vacuum Tube 1921
Magnetic Vacuum Tube 1921
Thermionic Vacuum Tube 1920
The Thermonic Valve Fleming 1919
Vacuum Tubes-Wireless Bucher 1919

  Free Radio Building Books

Radio Design & Construct. Dow 1922
Radio: How to Make... Verrill 1922
Experimental Wireless Edelman 1922
Radio Design Data Sleeper 1922
Radio Hook-Ups Sleeper 1922
Radio Operation Smith 1922
Radiophone Receiving Hausmann 1922
Practical Wireless Bucher 1921
How & Why of Radio Gear Secor 1920
Wireless Experimenter Manual 1920
Text-Book on Wireless Stanley 1919
Radio Engineering Lauer 1919
Robison's Radio Manual US Navy 1918
Wireless Handbook Laughter 1918
Radio Instruments US NBoS 1918
Radiotelegraphy USA-SC 1917
Manual of Radio Fleming 1916
Wireless Handbook Marchant 1914
Wireless Manual Collins 1913
Navy Wireless Manual Robison 1912
Wireless Operator Pocketbook 1911
Signal Corps Gear USA-SC 1911
Wireless Manual US Navy 1906

  Free Radio History Books

WWJ - Detriot News Detroit News 1922
1906 Berlin Radio Convention 1912
Maxwell & Wireless Vreeland 1904
History of Wireless Fahie 1902
History of Wireless Fahie 1900
Life of Faraday 1870

  Free Phonograph Books

Music by Phonograph 1922
Talking Machines & Records 1904
The Phonograph 1900
Waves Revealed by Phonograph 1897
Recent Electrical Inventions 1879
The Phonograph & Edison 1878

  Free Inventors Books

Story of Thomas A. Edison 1922
Thomas Alva Edison 1915
Edison: Life & Inventions 1910
Thomas Alva Edison 1908
Thomas Alva Edison 1896
Edison & Morse 1887

Conquests of Invention 1921
Stories of Great Inventors 1897

  Free Electronic Theory Books

Photo-Electricity Allen 1913
Theory of Electrons Lorentz 1916
Electromagnetic Theory of Light 1918
Magnetic Circuit DuBois 1896
Electric Science Bakewell 1853
Electromagnetic Theory Barnett 1903
Electric Waves Hertz 1893
Electromagnetic Theory 1893
Electricity Researches Thomson 1893

  Phonograph-Gramophone Links:

American Memory: The Gramophone
Wikipedia: Emile Berliner
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